Interactive: Visualizing Median Revenue For All three,000+ U.S. Counties

Interactive: Visualizing Median Revenue for All three,000+ U.S. Counties

When pondering about the United States and its overall economy, we frequently consider in phrases of maps.

That is why we have earlier visualized the country’s $18 trillion overall economy by evaluating certain areas to equally sized international locations. It is also why we have revealed the serious variance in inhabitants distribution throughout counties, or highlighted the normal cash flow of the “Top one%” in the course of the nation.

But there is possibly almost nothing much more telling or fascinating to check out than the “granddaddy” of all financial maps: an interactive visualization of median residence cash flow.

That is why today’s excellent interactive map from Overflow Data is these kinds of a address. It addresses all three,07 U.S. counties utilizing coloration coding to demonstrate the richest and poorest counties centered on median cash flow, and it also enables customers to drill down to the stats on counties at the condition amount.

Coasts, Mountains, and Oil

Even though the parts all over coastal metropolitan areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York Town, Boston, or Washington, D.C. are frequently believed of as the wealthier areas of the nation, this map assists expose two other “belts” in the nation with median incomes very well previously mentioned the nationwide normal of $53,889.

The initial is in the mountains by way of states like Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and even areas of Nevada – wherever there is a cluster of much more than 40 counties with median incomes of $60,000 or previously mentioned. Apart from upscale ski parts in spots like Summit County, UT or Jackson, WY, the counties in this belt also attribute metropolitan areas like Boulder, CO, or Salt Lake Town, UT.

Regions that are abundant in pure methods, these kinds of as areas of Alaska, Texas, and North Dakota, also are inclined to have much more counties with previously mentioned normal median incomes. For illustration, Williams County, ND, is in the center of the Bakken oilfield – and the median residence cash flow there is $88,013.

In Alaska, the northernmost county of North Slope Borough has considerably less than eight,000 inhabitants, but they boast a median residence cash flow of $72,576.

Harder Moments

On this map, the considerably less rich parts are also really obvious – and they are inclined to be most concentrated in the Southeast location of the nation.

Numerous states, like types like Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Arkansas, Texas, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and South Dakota, all have some counties that are at the really very low stop of median cash flow spectrum.

Additional especially, there are only two counties in the nation that have cash flow ranges down below $20,000: Sumter County, AL, and McCreary County, KY.

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